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On site

Anything from household furniture, guns, coins, antiques or what ever you have to sell we will bring it into our auction house and set out your items for others to purchase. We have a preview of your auction items to allow sellers time to see what the auction has to offer. 


At your site

We set up auctions for you at your acreage, in town where ever you need us to come. Just give us a call and we will come visit with you about what is best for your auction.

Auctions & other services

We have an unwavering philosophy of how we conduct our auctions. It's simple...with respect and honesty. 

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"The Old Rembrandt Gym Auction House" was home to the Rembrandt School for many years. With the closing of the school we found it the perfect location to hold auctions. When at our auctions you will not have to go hungry because you will find C&R Lunch Wagon on site. They bring homemade pies and other concessions for you to enjoy. 

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Antique rarities

weather veins, crocks, primitives >


Cash registers, lights, furniture >


Any and all kinds >


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We have a great group of people that work hard all week setting up the auctions. Then on the day of the auction we continue to serve you with our auctioneering and clerking service. Our team enjoys what they do and it shows. From greeting you on auction day to working side by side with us it's our team that helps us serve you.

We want both the buyer and the seller to have a memorable experience at our auctions. We understand that for the buyer there is an excitement in purchasing and for the seller it may be bitter sweet. We believe that all antiques are important and have great sentimental value. So, when  you trust us to conduct an auction for you we put our whole heart into it.